Video Object Detection with an Aligned Spatial-Temporal Memory


Presented in ECCV 2018



We introduce Spatial-Temporal Memory Networks for video object detection. At its core, a novel Spatial-Temporal Memory module (STMM) serves as the recurrent computation unit to model long-term temporal appearance and motion dynamics. The STMM's design enables full integration of pretrained backbone CNN weights, which we find to be critical for accurate detection. Furthermore, in order to tackle object motion in videos, we propose a novel MatchTrans module to align the spatial-temporal memory from frame to frame. Our method produces state-of-the-art results on the benchmark ImageNet VID dataset, and our ablative studies clearly demonstrate the contribution of our different design choices.


Fanyi Xiao and Yong Jae Lee
Video Object Detection with an Aligned Spatial-Temporal Memory
In ECCV 2018 [Show BibTex]

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